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  • The Chinese organisation committee of the World Industrial Design Conference 2019 in Yantai invited us to participate in the Industrial Design World Expo with an exhibition of selected product design samples. The organisation was done very efficiently, neither shipping, nore exhibition realisation in Yantai needed our help.
    With a lot of interested visitors, the WIDC was a great success. Besides a lot of speeches, the 4 day program included lectures, workshops and guided tours.

    daniels + erdwiens industrial design exhibition on the World Industrial Design Conference 2019 in Yantai
  • We are excited to announce that our innovative designs of a vacuum cleaner and a garment steamer have been awarded with iF-design product design awards 2019. We designed both appliances as part of a product family for Haier Group - one of the world's largest home appliance manufacturers.

    daniels + erdwiens industrial design for Haier Group iF Design award

    Prior to the start of the design phase, we intensively analyzed the requirements and developed a strategy for an efficient and user centered creative process. Deeply exploring and experiencing the functions, structure and usability issues of the competitor products as well as the needs and wishes of Chinese users, we defined the potential for improvement in intensive workshops and totally developed 6 product families with 5 products each.

  • As an Industrial Designer with many years of experience working for both - German and Chinese global companies, Micha Daniels was invited to participate in the Sino-German Industrial Design Expert Committee in Vienna. The meeting was organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the Sino-Chinese Industrial Design Center and the Ilmenau University of Technology. The background to the event is the 2030 Agenda - a political decision to step up cooperation between the two countries, i.a. including sustainable industrial development, innovation and infrastructure. After a lecture about experiences, projects and strategies in the work of daniels + erdwiens for companies from various industries and other lectures about optimization potentials in the production process, the expert commitee developed expectations and strategies for the cooperation with Chinese partners.

    Industrial Design Conference at United Nations
    UNIDO SIno German Industrial Design Conference
  • After several years of development work, HYTECON - a high-tech start-up in the field of water purification - has now introduced its two core products to the public at the ISH in Frankfurt. For the HYPRO WATER as well as for the larger HYPRO WATER MAX we developed the design concepts and brought them to series maturity in cooperation with our engineering partner H&H.

    Both products are based on the technology of highly efficient water purification by LED light. The combination of UV-light and active carbon filters destroys practically all impurities and is therefore highly efficient for both - treatment of contaminated water to the best drinking water quality and the safety of avoiding heavy metals, chemical residues or microplastics.

    2 revolutionary water purification devices on ISH Frankfurt
  • Main goals for the new design of a multifunctional handle for a workplace cleaning system were optimized ergonomics, feasability, reduced cost and - last but not least - aesthetical appearance. Below you see a mixture of old model and prototype. Here you see, what we came up with:

    old model - prototype
  • iNOEX GmbH now has launched the new mobile device "Warp Portable" allowing a quick measuring of extruded pipes' wall thickness even infront of the calibration sleeve. Particularly after changing the pipe's diameter specifications during the extrusion process, unwanted changes of the wall thickness can be spotted much quicker, which saves high costs for wasted material.

    Together with our mechanical engineering and electronics development partners we managed to execute this project from first sketch to market launch in less than 8 months. Happy client ...

    Measuring Device Warp Portable Design by daniels + erdwiens
  • SYWOS ONE is a highly innovative training device. Due to its patented technology it not only allows weight training without weights, it is even more efficient: Providing resistance in both directions, it allows training of opposite muscles in one cycle.

    With great enthusiasm we took over responsibility of the design-development focussing design, lifestyle, usability and flexibilty on one side and taking the challenge of rigid requirements concerning reliability, stability and cost reduction on the other side.

    Sywos GmbH started a kickstarter campaign a week ago and 6 days later - after appr. 15% of the available time span - it has been funded. Congretulations !!

    Market launch is announced for autumn this year.

    sywos one designed by daniels + erdwiens industrial design
  • As a member of the jury for the European Product Design Award, Micha Daniels helps to spot and highlight visionary designs and emerging design talents. Winners for 2017 have been announced at the European Parliament in Brussel:

  • After a successful pitch and 2 years of development we are happy to annouce COBI has been launched to market ! COBI stands for connected biking and includes a hub with smartphone dock, light, battery for smartphone charging (non e-bike version) and theft alert as well as an app providing navigation, dashboard-, information- and communication features. Besides the standard front light there are different customization options by choosing one of the 3 additional style-kits for urban bikes, racebikes or mountainbikes.

    cobi hardware design by daniels + erdwiens

    The development process together with the continously growing COBI-team, our mechanical engineering partner H&H, electronics- and lighting development partners, communication experts and production partners was very challenging and fruitful. We learned a lot and gave a lot. Now, ride ahead with COBI !

    cobi hardware design by daniels + erdwiens
  • On occasion of the World Usability Day, the topics of UUX - Usability and User Experience - have been discussed in Frankfurt. Micha Daniels talked about the radical change in chinese product development strategies.

    Questioning existing product concepts and a strong focus on the exploration of users' needs play key roles in the development of smart products for rapidly growing chinese middle class customers.

    Micha Daniels World Usability Day in Frankfurt
  • After the successful market launch of a series of electric stimulation therapy devices we appreciate the feedback of Mr. Ulrich Burr, CEO Scenar Deutschland GmbH:

    daniels + erdwiens delivered a perfect design-result. Furthermore the agency delivered a service which goes far beyond design-work. Besides a precise, reliable and quick advice in all structural questions about the development process, d+e surprised with a perfectly working network starting with mechanical engineering, prototypes up to tooling and series production. Getting in design-management tasks, they also operated this network smoothly and with an amazingly short time to market. I can unrestrictedly recommend the consultancy. Whoever wants to know more about my experiene with d+e is welcome to contact me personally.

    Industriedesign Medical Design Sanakey
  • The "Discover Germany Magazine" (issue Febr. 1014) published an article about us with an interview and some of our most successful products in the field of kitchen appliances and helpers.

    daniels + erdwiens in Discover Germany magazine
  • At the IFA in Berlin we enjoyed the presentation of ready-for-market-launch new flagship espresso centers we designed for Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH. Besides improvements in terms of functionality and an almost complete genuine metal housing we developed each brand due to its specific design-DNA. According to the target group definition, the SIEMENS EQ.8 shows a more puristic, clear and architectonical face whereas the BOSCH Veroselection shows softer, fluent transitions and a more family oriented Design.

    This adds a new milestone to the more than 12 years lasting cooperation with Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH. Since the year 2000 we are developing the design-concepts for the complete product range in the successful business field of automatic espresso centers.

    Another highlight for us on IFA was the big presence of the steam Iron SIEMENS TS20 which we designed a couple of years ago. BSH Inhouse Design created new freshness with new colour- and material-schemes.

    Industrial Design by daniels + erdwiens for Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte
  • Following an invitation by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, a group of Journalists, Design-Professors and Designers from countries like Canada, Switzerland, Kongo, China and Russia visited us in our studio in Frankfurt. After our lecture about product- and brand-development, we demonstrated the working process with "hands-on" - samples and enjoyed an interesting get-together.

    Lecture "Industrial Design for German Brand Companies"
  • Koç Holding A.Ş.is the biggest turkish holding with globally 85.000 employees, an annual turnover of 43 milliard US-Dollars and an export rate of appr. 30 % (2008). One of the most important business-fields are home appliances, which are distributed under the brand-names of Arçelik, Beko, Grundig, Blomberg, et al.

    In the year 2012 Arçelik asked us to develop design-studies for a range of whiteware home appliances. A challenging and highly interesting project with some special highlights: The washing machine production lines in Istanbul, the learning curve for possibilities and limitations of sheet metal forming, the fish-restaurant at the harbour and the sight out of the hotel room ...

    Istanbul Marmara-Sea
  • In many consumer-oriented markets the products become more and more the same.  One of the key-issues and a big concern to many of our customers is the question, what can be changed on products like refrigerators, kettles, toasters, et al. on highly competitive markets to convince the user and trigger the buying decision.

    The chinese company HAIER - with 5,1 % market share in the field of houseware appliances globally the market leader (2009) - asked us to develop a range of innovative user benefits on different products in highly competitive markets. During several sessions with the team - always brainstorming, scribbling, discussing and researching, we created a big potential of innovative ideas and user benefits, which now serve as basis for the further design-development.

    Innovations thinktank
  • The Maquet Getinge Group - one of the leading global providers of medical products and systems - asked us to design the new generation of the mobile aspirator "Venta".

    The most important issues influencing the design were usage both in the clinical environment and at private homes, portability, readability and comfortable usage. Besides a slanted "cockpit" for better readability and integrated, foldaway-handle, we invented an innovative dial around the gauge, which allows changing the settings with direct correspondance of fingertip to value on the gauge's scale.

    In cooperation with our mechanical engineering partner H&H we also delivered the technical development and mechanical engineering of the housing.

    Industriedesign Medizintechnik Maquet Getinge Group - Venta SP 26Venta SP 26 lau

    BOSCH "Styline" Coffeemaker, Kettle and Toaster, SIEMENS "Sensor for Senses" Coffeemaker and Kettle, SIEMENS Espresso-Center "EQ.5" and last but not least our all new lemon squeezer "Callista", manufactured by Blomus.

    7 x red dot award product design 2011

    Quote from reddot Yearbook 2011 referring to the coffeemaker:

    "High-quality materials and functional design aspects characterise the elegant appearance of the Styline Thermo coffee maker. The style-forming element is a striking two-tone look, which is achieved by the use of brushed metal surfaces that contrast glossy synthetic surfaces. Depending on the type, the plastic surfaces are kept in black or white. By dividing the functional components into individual base bodies, the required material usage could be reduced. Like a column, the coffee pot and the separate water container stand out from the formally corresponding base of the appliance. All operating elements are centrally and clearly arranged on the front of the base."



     Quote from reddot yearbook 2011 referring to "Callista":

    "The cool and elegant stainless steel of the lemon squeezer pleasantly nestles into the hand. Due to an innovative ergonomic approach, the lemon is almost completely squeezed out in the two shell-like bowls. The juice is served without seeds or dripping. The minimalist form language is aesthetically balanced and ensures easy cleaning of the practical utensil as well as effortless handling. Its characteristic lines provide a sophisticated accent in contemporary dining culture."

    Produktdesigner d+e für blomus
  • At the Control - an International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance - the "MS Defectoscop 2.834" has been presented to the public. The Magnetische Prüfanlagen GmbH - a subsidiary company of Foerster Group, seated in southern Germany - charged us in the beginning of 2010 to develop housing concept, design and user interface of this device, which has an equivalent value of an upper middle-sized class car and which is used for outdoor missions in a wide range of climatic circumstances. Main goal was to combine overall shock-protection (partial rubber-protectors) with an aesthetically balanced and highly recognizable appearance.

    Design Meßgerät Defectoscop für Foerster Group
  • After 12 years of design-partnership "daniels & koitzsch industrial design" there are new orientations and directions. Micha Daniels continues design consultancy with new partner Alex Erdwiens - formerly erdwiens-design - as "daniels + erdwiens industrial design" with same team, clientel and network.

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