Core Goals

Core Goals

Identity and Competitiveness

We invent, rethink and design cutting edge products perfectly tuned to fit to market and focus groups on global and local markets. We create brand identity and develop strategies for enhanced competitiveness.

Produktdesign Bosch Siemens Styline

Vision and Innovation

For almost all projects our customers ask for a strong focus on innovation and new usability features. This is one of our core skills. Particularly for cut throat markets we developed a specialized tool - the Usability Innovation Workshop (UIW) with a strong focus on usability features, user experience and future users’ needs. Due to our intensive cooperation with global player companies in Germany, China and the United States we share knowledge about the different markets and users’ needs and constantly explore new global and domestic design innovation opportunities.

d+e designers thinktank usability innovation workshop

Realisation and Full-Service.

Each customer has a different set of facilites and capabilites to develop a product up to mass production. Thanks to our long-term experience and development collaboration activities, we are able to add what is individually needed to successfully launch the product - no matter if mechanical engineering, prototyping, tooling, series production, market analysis, new brand and innovation strategies, packaging, project management or many more.

The mechanical structure shown here is part of a towel dispenser and developed inhouse entirely from scratch. The graphic below shows our service modules executed internally and in cooperation with our partners in Germany and China.

full service modules

Ulrich Burr, CEO Keytech GmbH:

daniels + erdwiens delivered a perfect design result. And they offered full-service with a surprisingly efficient working network from mechanical engineering and prototypes up to tooling and series production. I can unrestrictedly recommend the consultancy. Whoever wants to know more about my experiene with de* is welcome to contact me personally.


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