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  • When looking for new design partners, it is common practice to hold competitions in which selected design agencies are invited to develop their visions for a planned product in an initial conceptual design phase. Victorinox - inventor of the Swiss Army Knife - invited us to such a pitch. We won and are currently experiencing a very intensive and fruitful cooperation. Fortunately, vaccinations and the temporary relaxation of the pandemic situation allow personal meetings again, which in the midst of a complex development task cannot be replaced by web meetings, however comfortable it is.

    Visiting Switzerland - lakes, mountains and a glow on the horizon
  • After 3 years of development work in unpredictable pandemic times, we congratulate keytec Managing Director Ulrich Burr on the market launch of the new medkey. The new flagship device completes the key series, which has been successfully established on the market for several years and offers a completely new treatment approach with an additional tablet and real-time screening. We not only designed and co-developed the device and its accessories, we also designed the catalog, case, product film and website and created and coordinated a task force responsible for app development, tooling and series production with our Chinese long-term partners.

    medkey - design by daniels + erdwiens
    Ulrich Burr und Alex Erdwiens
  • invited us to a pitch. Again the challenge was to develop innovative concepts for a highly competitive market. We have been awarded the contract and are currently looking forward to a fruitful cooperation. A series of new core products will be launched in the course of the next years.

  • Verbatim is one of the best-known brands in the storage media sector and is very present with other sub-brands, especially in online retail. After presentation of our visions for a new product family in a new business field, Verbatim choose us amongst selected design companies for a longterm cooperation in the field of design and prodcut development. Stay tuned, we will report !

  • The Chinese organisation committee of the World Industrial Design Conference 2019 in Yantai invited us to participate in the Industrial Design World Expo with an exhibition of selected product design samples. The organisation was done very efficiently, neither shipping, nore exhibition realisation in Yantai needed our help.
    With a lot of interested visitors, the WIDC was a great success. Besides a lot of speeches, the 4 day program included lectures, workshops and guided tours.

    daniels + erdwiens industrial design exhibition on the World Industrial Design Conference 2019 in Yantai
  • We are excited to announce that our innovative designs of a vacuum cleaner and a garment steamer have been awarded with iF-design product design awards 2019. We designed both appliances as part of a product family for Haier Group - one of the world's largest home appliance manufacturers.

    daniels + erdwiens industrial design for Haier Group iF Design award

    Prior to the start of the design phase, we intensively analyzed the requirements and developed a strategy for an efficient and user centered creative process. Deeply exploring and experiencing the functions, structure and usability issues of the competitor products as well as the needs and wishes of Chinese users, we defined the potential for improvement in intensive workshops and totally developed 6 product families with 5 products each.

  • As an Industrial Designer with many years of experience working for both - German and Chinese global companies, Micha Daniels was invited to participate in the Sino-German Industrial Design Expert Committee in Vienna. The meeting was organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the Sino-Chinese Industrial Design Center and the Ilmenau University of Technology. The background to the event is the 2030 Agenda - a political decision to step up cooperation between the two countries, i.a. including sustainable industrial development, innovation and infrastructure. After a lecture about experiences, projects and strategies in the work of daniels + erdwiens for companies from various industries and other lectures about optimization potentials in the production process, the expert commitee developed expectations and strategies for the cooperation with Chinese partners.

    Industrial Design Conference at United Nations
    UNIDO SIno German Industrial Design Conference
  • After several years of development work, HYTECON - a high-tech start-up in the field of water purification - has now introduced its two core products to the public at the ISH in Frankfurt. For the HYPRO WATER as well as for the larger HYPRO WATER MAX we developed the design concepts and brought them to series maturity in cooperation with our engineering partner H&H.

    Both products are based on the technology of highly efficient water purification by LED light. The combination of UV-light and active carbon filters destroys practically all impurities and is therefore highly efficient for both - treatment of contaminated water to the best drinking water quality and the safety of avoiding heavy metals, chemical residues or microplastics.

    2 revolutionary water purification devices on ISH Frankfurt


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