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  • Matching the Tchibo "Essential" and establishing a product family character, we developed the design of the "Milk-Master", which has been extended to include a milk tank and frother.

    Et voilá ...

    Tchibo milk master designed by daniels + erdwiens
    Tchibo milk master designed by daniels + erdwiens
  • Qbo Essential designed by daniels + erdwiens industrial design


    Since we successfully pitched for a longterm cooperation with Tchibo, we've been working intensively on various design projects in the field of coffee machines and accessories.
    Now the first result of this cooperation has been introduced. The "Qbo Essential" - developed for Tchibo's own capsule system - is now available in Tchibo shops and online.
    Our design gives the machine an extremely compact appearance with a narrow front and a cubic and minimalist design language that matches the capsule shape. A cup table that can be adjusted in height by simply turning it, carefully worked out details and a special material combination of matt, metallic and rubberized surfaces make the Qbo Essential a real eye-catcher.

    But also and especially the "inner values" can be seen, felt and tasted. A high-quality and solid workmanship, the extra-long lever and the optimal use of the compact volume are the results of intensive cooperation.

    The recyclable capsules are mostly made of polypropylene with a share of 70% from renewable raw materials and are therefore significantly less harmful to the environment than other capsule systems, e.g. made of aluminum.

  • Andreas Gahlert - founder and CEO Neue Digitale Partners - invited us to become partner in an excellence network of companies working for ambitious brands in the area of strategy, innovation and creation. We are excited to be part of the new venture and look forward to challenging and fruitful projects. More to explore on the website ...

    Neue Digitale Partners
  • After many years of design and development work internally as well as in cooperation with external development service providers, we offer our customers comprehensive support in the development of their products from planning to series production. In addition to our design core competencies, we cooperate with a network of reliable and well-established partner companies in the fields of UI/UX, prototyping, mechanical engineering, electronics development, tooling and series production in Germany and China. We organize individual task forces, connect, communicate and cooperate. We take on tasks in the area of project management, planning and as strategic consultants.

    full service modules

    You'll find a detailed documentation in our new SERVICES section.
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  • 10 years ago we started a challenging, fruitful and exciting cooperation with Haier Group in China, one of the world's largest manufacturers of white goods as well as household and kitchen appliances. When we were invited to the headquarter in Qingdao for the first time in February 2012, we would not have expected so many more travels to China and quite some intensive collaboration projects over the next 10 years. One of the biggest challenges is dealing intensively with social, cultural and demographic trends in China and getting to know the different requirements for the kitchen, cooking and living environment in order to be able to develop household appliances for the Chinese market. User-centric thinking and a very high degree of innovation in the field of industrial design and UI/UX are the basic expectations.

    chinese advertisement
  • When looking for new design partners, it is common practice to hold competitions in which selected design agencies are invited to develop their visions for a planned product in an initial conceptual design phase. Victorinox - inventor of the Swiss Army Knife - invited us to such a pitch. We won and are currently experiencing a very intensive and fruitful cooperation. Fortunately, vaccinations and the temporary relaxation of the pandemic situation allow personal meetings again, which in the midst of a complex development task cannot be replaced by web meetings, however comfortable it is.

    Visiting Switzerland - lakes, mountains and a glow on the horizon
  • After 3 years of development work in unpredictable pandemic times, we congratulate keytec Managing Director Ulrich Burr on the market launch of the new medkey. The new flagship device completes the key series, which has been successfully established on the market for several years and offers a completely new treatment approach with an additional tablet and real-time screening. We not only designed and co-developed the device and its accessories, we also designed the catalog, case, product film and website and created and coordinated a task force responsible for app development, tooling and series production with our Chinese long-term partners.

    medkey - design by daniels + erdwiens
    Ulrich Burr und Alex Erdwiens
  • invited us to a pitch. Again the challenge was to develop innovative concepts for a highly competitive market. We have been awarded the contract and are currently looking forward to a fruitful cooperation. A series of new core products will be launched in the course of the next years.


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