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  • In many consumer-oriented markets the products become more and more the same.  One of the key-issues and a big concern to many of our customers is the question, what can be changed on products like refrigerators, kettles, toasters, et al. on highly competitive markets to convince the user and trigger the buying decision.

    The chinese company HAIER - with 5,1 % market share in the field of houseware appliances globally the market leader (2009) - asked us to develop a range of innovative user benefits on different products in highly competitive markets. During several sessions with the team - always brainstorming, scribbling, discussing and researching, we created a big potential of innovative ideas and user benefits, which now serve as basis for the further design-development.

    Innovations thinktank
  • The Maquet Getinge Group - one of the leading global providers of medical products and systems - asked us to design the new generation of the mobile aspirator "Venta".

    The most important issues influencing the design were usage both in the clinical environment and at private homes, portability, readability and comfortable usage. Besides a slanted "cockpit" for better readability and integrated, foldaway-handle, we invented an innovative dial around the gauge, which allows changing the settings with direct correspondance of fingertip to value on the gauge's scale.

    In cooperation with our mechanical engineering partner H&H we also delivered the technical development and mechanical engineering of the housing.

    Industriedesign Medizintechnik Maquet Getinge Group - Venta SP 26Venta SP 26 lau

    BOSCH "Styline" Coffeemaker, Kettle and Toaster, SIEMENS "Sensor for Senses" Coffeemaker and Kettle, SIEMENS Espresso-Center "EQ.5" and last but not least our all new lemon squeezer "Callista", manufactured by Blomus.

    7 x red dot award product design 2011

    Quote from reddot Yearbook 2011 referring to the coffeemaker:

    "High-quality materials and functional design aspects characterise the elegant appearance of the Styline Thermo coffee maker. The style-forming element is a striking two-tone look, which is achieved by the use of brushed metal surfaces that contrast glossy synthetic surfaces. Depending on the type, the plastic surfaces are kept in black or white. By dividing the functional components into individual base bodies, the required material usage could be reduced. Like a column, the coffee pot and the separate water container stand out from the formally corresponding base of the appliance. All operating elements are centrally and clearly arranged on the front of the base."



     Quote from reddot yearbook 2011 referring to "Callista":

    "The cool and elegant stainless steel of the lemon squeezer pleasantly nestles into the hand. Due to an innovative ergonomic approach, the lemon is almost completely squeezed out in the two shell-like bowls. The juice is served without seeds or dripping. The minimalist form language is aesthetically balanced and ensures easy cleaning of the practical utensil as well as effortless handling. Its characteristic lines provide a sophisticated accent in contemporary dining culture."

    Produktdesigner d+e für blomus
  • At the Control - an International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance - the "MS Defectoscop 2.834" has been presented to the public. The Magnetische Prüfanlagen GmbH - a subsidiary company of Foerster Group, seated in southern Germany - charged us in the beginning of 2010 to develop housing concept, design and user interface of this device, which has an equivalent value of an upper middle-sized class car and which is used for outdoor missions in a wide range of climatic circumstances. Main goal was to combine overall shock-protection (partial rubber-protectors) with an aesthetically balanced and highly recognizable appearance.

    Design Meßgerät Defectoscop für Foerster Group
  • After 12 years of design-partnership "daniels & koitzsch industrial design" there are new orientations and directions. Micha Daniels continues design consultancy with new partner Alex Erdwiens - formerly erdwiens-design - as "daniels + erdwiens industrial design" with same team, clientel and network.


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