Designing COBI - the smart hub for connected biking

cobi design by daniels + erdwiens
cobi design by daniels + erdwiens


COBI turns your smartphone into a connected biking system.
Hub and app integrate light, dashboard, navigation, communication, health tracking and much more.

COBI - Smart Connected Biking System

Client: COBI GmbH
Service: Hardware Design, Strategic Consultancy, Renderings and animated product film for presentations and shows as well as mechanical engineering by our partner H&H.
Status: Startup, launched in August 2016.

2 years ago COBI founder Andreas Gahlert came up with a simple yet highly convincing idea: Everybody owns a smartphone, the computer part is already there. Now we connect it via case and hub with the bicycle and let it take over with thumb-control operated functions all around monitoring, operation, information and communication.
We succeeded in a pitch and since then continiously developed the design. COBI stands for connected biking and comes with light, warning signal, additional battery for smartphone charging (non e-bikes) and theft alert.

product design for COBI
cobi hardware design by daniels + erdwiens
product design for COBI


We developed several 'style-kits' for the frontlight matching different bicycle worlds. Additional to the standard "raw-version" there are frontlight style-kits for mountainbiks, urban- and race bikes.


cobi hardware design by daniels + erdwiens

Our productdesign with partly faceted triangular shaped elements inspired the app-development which was done in parallel by our partners Bold and Hauser Lacour

product design for COBI by daniels + erdwiens


We tightly cooperated with the continously growing COBI-team, our mechanical engineering partner H&H, electonics- and lighting development partners, communication experts and production partners. We learned a lot and delivered a lot. In a rapidly developing world of connectivity and mobility our core tasks and challenges were the system development with many mechanical and electronical connections, the definition of style-kits, considering many multi-optional features and price segmentations.

Cobi System Design
designing COBI work in progress
cobi design by daniels + erdwiens

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