Curved TV Conceptual Studies

TV productdesign conceptual study


A conceptual and strategic study on TV-sets combining interior, connectivity and social aspects.

Curved TV-set

Leistung: Market research, analysis of user behaviour, development of future user scenarios and design concepts.
Status: Conceptual study

One of the core requirements for this project - presented here in some detail extractions - was to highlight the feature of the curved display. The design goal was to put it on stage as an "object within an interior" versus just playing the flat surface card. Thus the prominence and presence of the TV-set significantly highlights its function as a central "window" for potentially sharing and communicating content from all family-members' smartphones.

TV design concept

The project for one of the world's biggest supplier of household devices also included user analysis and scenarios, exploration of innovation potentials and a user-oriented, strategic exploration of opportunities for ID, UI and UX. Considering the tight competition for the classical TV-set with many other mobile display devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops - the challenge was to sort out new ways of smartly connecting both worlds and to feature the comfort of a much bigger display - turning it into a center of sharing and communication and a desirable module within the connected world.

TV design concept

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