Qbo Essential

Qbo Essential coffee capsule maker by Tchibo
Qbo Essential coffee capsule maker by Tchibo

Small, nice, solid, affordable.

The compact "Qbo Essential" starts a new era of Tchibo's own capsule system.

Coffee maker "Qbo Essential"

Customer: Tchibo
Service: product design, development of innovative unique selling points,
colour/material/finish concepts, renderings
Status: Launch February 2023

Tchibo asked us to develop a one-touch capsule coffee maker in the mid-price segment, which puts a new focus on "Qbo" - Tchibo's own capsule system. Our design is based on an extremely compact design with a narrow front and a cubic and minimalist design language. A simple twist of the angled, rubberized cup stand allows height adjustment for small and large cups. Carefully worked out details and a special material combination of matt, metallic and rubberized surfaces make the Qbo Essential a real eye-catcher and allows it's users daily moments of joy.

The idea of adjusting the height of the cup pedestal by simply turning it in combination with a rubberized surface for a special haptic experience and for silently setting down the glasses or cups is one of the unique selling points that clearly differentiates the product from competitors.

Colours, materials and surfaces are carefully composed in a mix of semi-matt lacquered basic housing colors in dark gray and warm white with capsule holder and lever made of aluminum and the cup pedestal in 2 different soft-coated colors.

Qbo Essential mit Wendetisch für große und kleine Tassen


Qbo Essential in 4 Farbvarianten


The volume and size of the components are fine-tuned to the millimeter so that the capsule container wastes as little space as possible with maximum capacity. The water tank is not too small despite the overall compact dimensions and the tank, drip tray and capsule container can be easily removed.

Qbo Essential abnehmbare Bauteile

The one-touch operation is immediately understandable with one button each for 3 different cup sizes. The stable and extra-long aluminum lever makes it easier to press down and pierce the capsules ensuring a pleasant user experience.

Qbo Essential extralanger Hebel

The inner values can also be seen, felt and tasted. Refined details and high-quality, trustful and solid user experience are the results of intensive cooperation with marketing, development and project management from the first draft to fine tuning, engineering support and series production.

The recyclable capsules are mostly made of polypropylene with a share of 70% from renewable raw materials and are therefore significantly less harmful to the environment than other capsule systems, e.g. made of aluminum.

Qbo Essential Tassentisch Salto

Renderings / product animations by daniels + erdwiens, photos courtesy of Tchibo

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