Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

cordless vacuum cleaner for Haier Group iF design award
cordless vacuum cleaner for Haier Group iF design award


Cordless vacuum cleaner with swappable batteries and smart charging pole.

Vacuum Cleaner / Garment Steamer

Client: Haier Group
Market and trend analysis, Innovation Workshops, strategy and concepts, designing the details, CMF-guidebooks, 3D-data
Status: Conceptual Study, iF Designpreis Product Design 2019

As part of a comprehensive project for the conceptual and creative development of innovative home appliances, we developed a cordless vacuum cleaner with swappable batteries, an open, flexible handle and a charging station, which also functions as an air purifier.
Prior to the start of the design phase, we intensively analyzed the requirements, needs and wishes of Chinese users for each of a total of 5 different products, analyzed the functions, structure and operability of the competitor products and developed improvement potential in intensive workshops. In total, we developed 6 complete product families, each consisting of 5 products.

vacuum cleaner with air purifier in charging station
vacuum cleaner design scribbles
vacuum cleaner with exchangeable power pack


Another of the 5 products within a family was a garment steamer. In addition to many detail improvements, we developed a structure that can be flexibly adapted to different user situations and can be easily stored in a compact form. The garment steamer was also awarded the iF design product design award.

garment steamer iF design

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