Food processor

Food Processor industrial design by daniels + erdwiens
Food Processor industrial design by daniels + erdwiens


Designer's dream: High-quality materials, simple elegance and a novel user experience through IOT and touch operability on an integrated app.

Food Processor

Service: Design development, sketching and drafting phase, elaboration, renderings, 3D data

Status: Conceptual Study

A manufacturer of kitchen appliances asked us to develop ideas and concepts for a brand mainly operating in the high price segmentation. We developed design concepts focussing a high value, elegant, yet robust and reliable appaerance combined with innovative UI/UX/IoT features.
A new operating concept with an edge-to-edge touch display in the lid and smartphone-like user experience integrates intuitive operating aids, comprehensive setting options, and recipes and preparation processes that can be exchanged via the Internet.

Borrowing from a timeless, classic and simple repertoire of forms combined with carefully matched materials such as embossed metal, copper, matte white and transparent surfaces, as well as operability via an integrated app, the result is a high-tech kitchen machine for the highest demands.

food processor de* industrial design
food processor de* industrial design

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