Lemon Squeezer "Callista"

Design Zitronenpresse Blomus Callista
Produktdesigner d+e


Helpful tool in the kitchen, attractive vessel on the dining table.
A whole new lemon squeezer. Manufactured by Blomus.

Lemon Squeezer "Callista"

Client: Blomus
Services: Concept / Idea, Design, Renderings, SLS-Prototypes, Optimisation, 3D-Data
Status: reddot, gia award

Always searching daily life products for improvement and better usability, we found the classic design-topic "lemon squeezer" not yet perfectly solved. Particularly the combination of practical tool in the kitchen and aesthetical item on the dinig table seemed to be a promising challenge for the development of a completely new product.


 Quote from reddot yearbook 2011:

"The cool and elegant stainless steel of the lemon squeezer pleasantly nestles into the hand. Due to an innovative ergonomic approach, the lemon is almost completely squeezed out in the two shell-like bowls. The juice is served without seeds or dripping. The minimalist form language is aesthetically balanced and ensures easy cleaning of the practical utensil as well as effortless handling. Its characteristic lines provide a sophisticated accent in contemporary dining culture."


Design Zitronenpresse Callista Industriedesigner d+e für blomus

After a widely oriented ideation phase, we sketched, narrowed down, rendered and built SLS working prototypes. We talked to potential manufacturers, refined, optimized and supervised realisation phase.

Entwicklung Zitronenpresse Callista Industriedesigner d+e für blomus


Renderings below from design-refinement phase after first prototype.

Zitronenpresse "Callista" Designkonzept Rendering
Zitronenpresse "Callista" Designkonzept Rendering

Article in the "FAZ-Magazin" November 2015



After successful market launch and reddot design award, manufacturerer Blomus asked us to develop a second product, similar to the lemon squeezer, also suitable for the usage both on the kitchen worktop as well as on the dining table. We designed "Navetta" - e cheese grinder with collecting vessel.

Navetta Design by daniels + erdwiens für blomus

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