productdesign water dispenser
productdesign water dispenser

Let there be water.

Still, medium or sparkling ? Filtered tap water via Touch Control ready to use.

Water Dispenser

Client: BRITA
Service: Ideation, Design, 3D Concept, Renderings
Status: Conceptual Study


A manufacturer of drinking water filter systems asked for a conceptual design development of integrated water dispensers. The design shown here is set flush with the worktop and supplies filtered drinking water with individually adjustable carbonation.

productdesign water dispenser

The water tap is recessed into the worktop. Its pull-out height is motor-adjusted to the vessel heights.

Filter and carbonation cartridges are invisibly housed in the base area and can be replaced after removing the drip tray.

Designstudie Trinkwasserspender mit variabler Bezugshöhe
Produktdesign Trinkwasserspender

A fine, satined metal surface is combined with a glossy black cover, which integrates a rimless display in the angled rear part for optimal readability.

Produktdesign Trinkwasserspender

We consider the clear, aethetically puristic, yet unique and characteristic shape combined with perfect functionality as a design statement in a product world of standardization and arbitrariness.

productdesign water dispenser

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