Serie Kochbesteck

Design und Entwicklung von "Cooking Culture" für Adhoc


Two parts, two materials: Series of kitchen helpers as main tools for the preparation of popular dishes. «Cooking Culture» for AdHoc


Set of Kitchen Tools "Cooking Culture"

Client: AdHoc
Service: Idea / conception, design, renderings, 3D-data, supervision during series-production.
Status: Launched in 2011.
Design: Micha Daniels, Stefan Koitzsch, Alex Erdwiens (daniels & koitzsch)

Idea and Conception of a set of "double-piece" kitchen tools - one metal part, one wooden part - which can be stuck together for storage and which are an imortant part of the equipment needed to prepare popular dishes. Here 3 examples: The wok-set - spoon and chop sticks, the pasta-set - spaghetti-lifter with measuring hole and spatula and the risotto-set - spatula and cheese grater.


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