Küchengroßgeräte Produktfamilie

Industriedesigner d+e für BEKO / Arcelik. Design Küchengroßgeräte
Industriedesigner d+e Design Küchengroßgeräte


Conceptual studies for whiteware product-families.

Whiteware Product-Families

Client: Beko / Arçelik
Service: Design development, renderings, 3D-data
Status: Conceptual Study

The Koç Holding A.Ş. is one of the biggest turkish group of companies with 85.000 employees worldwide, an annual turnover of 43 Billion US-Dollar and an export quota of appr. 30 % (effective 2008). The working fields amongst others include Home appliances, which are distributed under the brands Arçelik, Beko, Grundig, Blomberg, et al. Arçelik is market leader not only in Turkey, but also in Southern Europe and Middle East. What only very few people know: Grundig kitchen appliance and TV belongs to the Koç Holding.

In 2012 Arçelik assigned us to develop a wide range of conceptual studies of whiteware product families. We developed 7 different sets. Here we show examples and details.

Industrial Design White Ware


Slimline frame with blinking metal rim and evolving handle.

Industriedesigner d+e - Design Küchengroßgeräte

In the first ideation concept phase, each set contained the core products washing machine, refrigerator and integrated oven.

Industriedesigner d+e - Design Küchengroßgeräte
Industriedesigner d+e - Design Küchengroßgeräte

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