Espresso-Vollautomat TK 5 - TCA 5

Produktdesign Espresso Vollautomat TK5 Siemens TCA 5 Bosch für Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte
Produktdesign Espresso Vollautomat TK5 Siemens TCA 5 Bosch für Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte


Milestone-Designs, Design-DNA and different variants from Lowcost to Premium for Bosch and Siemens Coffee-Centers.

Coffee-Centers SIEMENS TK 5 / BOSCH TCA 5

Client: Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte
Services: Design, specifying the details, various models, 3D CAD file delivery, colour schemes.
Status: Launched in 2008. 
Design: Micha Daniels (daniels & koitzsch)

Design of a series of front units for middle- and lowprice Coffee-Center SIEMENS "TK 5" and BOSCH "TCA 5". We realised lowest possible costs for the brand differentiation by just adding a circular shaped lid for the Siemens model.

Siemens TK-5 Bosch TCA-5 Design for Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte


Jump in time: It all started with the first series of fully automatic Espresso-Centers SIEMENS TK-6 and BOSCH TCA-6. In this project we defined the basis of Design-DNA to be referred to and developed in the following generations. Our task was the development of a specific and contrasting design-language for each brand with an intelligent reduction of different parts.
 Both products - the Siemens and the Bosch model - reached high popularity on the market and were awarded with the reddot product-design award (Siemens: 2003, Bosch: 2007)

Produktdesign Siemens TK-6 Bosch TCA-6 Espresso-Vollautomaten für Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte


For the next generation of flagship designs we were asked to particularly focus on the upcoming trend of preparing white coffees with very tall glasses. The components structure at that time didn’t allow a sufficiently high adjustment of the coffee outlet-unit. We invented the foldable outlet and two platforms - one with built-in cappucinatore and big space for latte coffees. The Bosch "Verobar" and Siemens "EQ.7" - series have been launched in 2008 / 09. Both products have been awarded with the iF design award, The Siemens EQ.7 also won the reddot product-design award in 2009.

Industriedesigner d+e entwickeln Design für BOSCH Verobar und Siemens EQ.7


In 2013 our design-relaunch Bosch Veroselection and Siemens EQ.8 have been introduced to the market. We designed a new Universal housing completely out of metal and two individual front-units for Siemens and Bosch.

Industriedesigner d+e entwickeln Design für BOSCH Veroselection und Siemens EQ8

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