Coffee Maker - BOSCH «private collection»

Bosch Kaffeemaschine Privat Cellection Produktdesigner d+e für Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte


Transparent architecture of main elements. Detachable water tank and portal-like presentation of filter basket and jug. Bosch coffeemaker "Private Collection".

Coffeemaker BOSCH «private collection»
Services: Design, specifying the details, various models, 3D CAD file delivery and construction supervision.
Status: Launched 2005, reddot 2007. 



I addition to the series of toasters and kettle we designed a coffee-machine with transparent arrangement of main functional parts and special treatment of the feature detachable water tank.

Design Kaffeemaschine Bosch Private Collection

The set of BOSCH «private collection» also includes toaster and kettle. Convex brushed metal or chrome parts outside, concave plastic parts inside is one of the main set-design key visuals.

Design Toaster und Wasserkocher Bosch private collection

The stretched toaster with the same signature design features belongs to the SIEMENS series "Executive Edition". It won the reddot design award in 2007.

Toaster Siemens Executive Edition

A while after market launch we were surprised to discover an "educational" series of toy-devices with some functionality and big fascination for children.

Kinderversion Bosch Kaffeemaschine TKA-6

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