refrigerator in the eat-in kitchen

Design study refrigerator with furniture character
Design study refrigerator with furniture character

Refrigerator becomes furniture.

A design study shows concepts for integrating the refrigerator in the eat-in kitchen and living room area.

Conceptual Study - Refrigerator in the eat-in kitchen

Thinking about the more and more popular large living areas combining kitchen and living room, we created a refrigerator design, which is more harmonically integrable with more furniturelike haptic and visual characteristics and a color scheme that could be adapted to the individual living environment. 
Based on a french-door with high doors, we developed this concept, among others, with different coloured linoleum panels, which are framed in fine, slightly protruding wooden frames lending themselves to be individually adapted to the eat-in kitchen environment. The exchange of the panels is easy and fast due to the frames and magnetic holders, so that a change of color-decor or DIY designed photo panels can be made according to individual needs.

Lateral grid surfaces with magnets and circular, recessed positioning aids at the side walls allow container modules, storage surfaces or plant pots to be attached.

Refrigerator design with interchangeable linoleum panels.


Small textile flags facilitate the pulling and easy replacement of the panels, which are attached by magnets and held in position inside the frames. 

Flexible design - linoleum panels are attached with magnets.

The current trends in the kitchen and living environment show a great interest in DIY, customizability and flexibility, however also a need for purism, smooth surfaces, clear structures and easy operation and cleaning. In order to meet these seemingly contradictory needs, we developed the idea of a poster and photo wall that can be customized via app, thus providing the user with another tool for digital customization. The user's own photos are arranged on a smartphone or PC with the help of the app and then printed to the appropriate panel size via a service provider. Classic refrigerator family photo arrangements or full size posters can be individually layouted and printed on a matching panel.


Refrigerator with photo wall

The range of panels extends from simple color surfaces that can be individually arranged in groups of three to patterns, decorative surfaces and custom photo panels.

Refrigerator with interchangeable panels and imprints

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