Riedel handle cleaning system

Industrial Design for Riedel Filtertechnik GmbH
Industrial Design for Riedel Filtertechnik GmbH


A multifunctional handle for a workplace cleaning system.

Netvac Multifunctional handle for a workplace cleaning system

Client: Riedel Filtertechnik GmbH
Productdesign - design development, renderings, specifying the details, 3D-CAD file delivery, colour schemes, construction supervision
Mechanical engineering partner H&H: developing housing, prototypes, tools, series production.
Status: launched in 2018.

The Riedel NetVac System is a centralised Vacuum Cleaning System with up to 30 simultaneously working units. The collected dust is stored in satellite units and transferred to the central dust collector automatically. Riedel asked us to create a totally new definition for design, ergonomics, feasability, cost reduction and working safety focussing the handle part. Here design is being well perceived and directly experienced during the operating process.


Old model / prototype:

prototype old model

New Design with optimized handling and manufacturability:

Industrial design for Riedel Filtertechnik

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