scrubber dryer i-mop lite



The maneuverability of a mop with the cleaning performance of a walk-behind floor scrubber. The Evolution of a Revolution !

i-mop lite  Scrubber Dryer

Client: Borema / Hawig GmbH (Brands: Kenter, i-team)
Service: Complete design development, CMF definition.
Status: Market launch January 2019

Designed for cleaning medium to large, intensively used areas such as supermarkets, shops, gas stations, restaurants or even theater stages, the i-mop is equipped with a water inlet, rotating brushes and a rubber lip with suction device for the dirty water. Appliances in this category are usually large, heavy and unwieldy - similar to a lawnmower. Unlike the i-mop. Thanks to a double joint it is agile like a mop. You can work faster, more comfortably and more thoroughly. With its brush strokes and easy gliding, the fun factor is guaranteed.

Our new development of the i-mop, the i-mop lite, aims to transfer a whole range of improvements in technology and handling into a new product design along with the most compact possible and elegant design. Initially, the design development was double-tracked: one direction with a focus on extruded tank- and housing parts and another direction with a focus on the possibilities of blow molding. After evaluating all production and cost-relevant aspects, the decision was made for a design based on blow molding, which we developed in all design-relevant details.

The design of the i-mop lite is characterized by an unusual design approach in this device category: Lightness, compactness, agility, dynamics, elegance. Associative analogies with terms such as future device, dragonfly, sailing yacht, maritime dynamics characterize an extraordinary and strong design statement.
If easily gliding on the floor or freestanding in parking position - it is a perfect eye-catcher.

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