Tough-Gear for test equipment

Testing Device
Testing Device

Small effort, big effect.

Protectors attached to a housing create shape, design language, conciseness, impact protection and stackability.

Design Study Ultrasonic Testing Device 
Client: Baker Hughes / GE
Service: Development of different design directions, renderings.

Baker Hughes - at the time the order was placed a subsidiary of General Electric - specialises in the manufacturing of industrial ultrasonic testing equipment.

Usually the testing device is installed in a rack. In order to use the device in mobile applications, we've been asked to develop a simply attacheable frame structure turning the device into a well protected and well recognizable piece of brand identity. 2 identical parts, attached on the left and right, create a striking design statement with low tooling costs.

Industrial tester
Industrial tester

In addition to the protective function, the protectors allow safe stacking and use in vertical tower positioning by using only one element as a footboard.

Industrial tester stacked

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