Wirbelstrom-Meßgeräte «Defectoscop MC 2.834»

Industrial Design Measuring Device "Defectoscop"
Industrial Design Measuring Device "Defectoscop"


Crack-testing in airplane wings or gas pipelines. From burning hot to freezing cold. 100% reliable. Defectoscop for Foerster Group.

Crack-Testing Measuring Device «Defectoscop MC 2.834»

Client: Foerster Group - Magnetische Prüfanlagen GmbH
Service: Design, renderings, details, 3D-Data, construction supervision, graphical user interface

The "Defectoscop MC 2.834" is an eddy-current measuring device for crack testing and test of material characteristics. Following the implemented components and way of usage, we developed the product's structure and design.  The main requirements were a robust construction with rubber protection elements, weatherproof protection, integration of interface modules as well as the adjustability of the positioning angle. In parallel we developed the User Interface.


Industriedesign Meßgerät "Defectoscop"
Industrial Design Measuring Device "Defectoscop"

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