Medkey - keytec's new flagship therapy device

medkey keytec - design by daniels + erdwiens industrial design
medkey keytec - design by daniels + erdwiens industrial design


A new dimension of pain therapy for muscular dysfunctions.
Design, UI, app, coding, engineering, tooling, packaging, brochure, video, website - truly full service.

Impulse Therapy Device medkey

Client: Keytec GmbH
Service: Design development of the hardware, design and implementation of UI/UX as well as app development for the 'keypad' in collaboration with partner companies. Webdesign, brochure and packaging/case. Fine tuning and project management of the development up to serial production. Tooling and serial production by our partner company in China.
Status: Market launch 2021

The medkey, designed for professional users, follows the treatment approach of bio-adaptive impulse therapy for muscular disorders, which has already been successfully introduced with the original keyseries. We have designed the handset and charging station from scratch and brought them to production readiness in a total of 2 years of development work in cooperation with our partner companies in Germany and China. 
The pictures show the first concept renderings and - on a dark background - the final renderings after many further steps of detailing, adaptation and completion.

medkey medical design design concepts
renderings for animation

In addition to the new, comprehensive patient data recording and a therapy success documentation, the great innovation of the medkey lies in a novel form of live monitoring. The rectangular Highpro electrode and the external keypad enable screening during treatment The current position of the medkey and the trigger points determined are shown live on the display, can be saved and accessed again for subsequent treatments. This supports the therapist in his work and can illustrate to the patient where and how treatment is needed.

medkey with Highpro-Scanner electrode and keypad - medkey user interface

User interface design and programming was part of our service spectrum in cooperation with partner companies in Germany and China. The complete development of the app - design, structure, menu navigation, coding incl. bluetooth-based connection to the Highpro electrode was also developed via our partner companies in Germany and China and brought to serial production.

medkey product design with keypad and app

In the first design phase we develop several design directions to choose from. Here is an alternative design from the 1st design phase, working title "Audi-tool". All designs are sketched with CAD programs, refined and visualized incl. user interface in such a way that a realistic idea of the final product is possible.

medkey design concept

The medkey handpiece is the heart of a system of different electrodes for various applications such as fascia treatment and other accessories. As part of our full-service portfolio, we developed not only device, UI, keypad app, but also packaging / case, brochure, website and video.

medkey case

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