Elektrostimulations-Therapiegerät Keyserie

Medical Design Industrial Design Physiokey
Medical Design Industrial Design Physiokey


1 housing - 3 applications. Therapy device Physiokey for physiotherapists, Dermakey for cosmetic studios and Sanakey for private usage.

Electric Stimulation Therapy Instrument  Derma-, Sana- und Physiokey

Client: Scenar Deutschland
Services: Industrial Design, in cooperation with our network partners we also delivered mechanical engineering (H&H), prototypes, tooling and series production (Cre8tek), user interface design (Neon Elefant), project management.
Status: launched in 2013

The basic function of this stunning therapy device is a muscular and fascial planes stimulation via electrodes and biofeedback.
Developing the product design strategy and concepts, we specifically focussed on a perfect ergonomical and haptical usability in combination with a simple yet unique and easy recognizable aesthetical appearance.


product design by d+e
Produktdesigner d+e Physiokey Komplettentwicklung für Scenar Deutschland GmbH
Physiokey product design by daniels+erdwiens

Photo by Robby Clemens, extreme athlete (From Northpole to Southpole)

Produktdesigner d+e Sanakey Komplettentwicklung für Scenar Deutschland GmbH

A set of different exchangeable electrode-heads are individually shaped to perfectly assist in a wide range of different applications.

Industrial designers d+e Physiokey Full Service for Scenar Deutschland GmbH

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