sono-mount Storage Aid

sono-mount produktdesign Surgical Position Aid
sono-mount produktdesign Surgical Position Aid


A positioning aid for safe and time-saving puncture 
for the ischiadicular nerve block. 

Surgical Positioning Aid sono-mount

Client: sono-mount
Design development, prototyping, logo, website. 


Placing the thigh on the sono-mount creates a fixed ultrasound image, enabling the examiner to use both hands for puncture. Especially when inserting a pain catheter, the needle can be held in position with one hand and the catheter inserted with the other hand under constant sonographic view.

Our design takes particular account of the aspects of the sonic probe's ability to rotate, as well as safety and stability, combined with low weight and cost-effective manufacturability.


The localization of the sciatic nerve and the subsequent performance of the sonographically controlled nerve block can be learned quickly under appropriate guidance, since the examiner's concentration can be completely directed to the guidance of the needle tip after the angular adjustment of the ultrasound probe within the product has been completed.

sono-mount product design of a positioning aid for the sciatic nerve blockade

The starting point for our design development was this first functional prototype, which had been developed and tested in use by sono-mount.
Dr. Michael Schütz: "The idea for the positioning aid arose during work on the patient and could be quickly developed and improved through rapid prototyping."

Surgical positioning aid first prototype
sono-mount design concept rendering

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