Mobile Saugpumpe "Venta SP 26"

Mobile Aspirator "Venta SP 26"
daniels + erdwiens Produktdesigner


Our speciality: Development of surprisingly innovative usability features. Pointer follows finger. For Maquet Getinge Group.

Portable Aspirator Venta SP 16  

Maquet Getinge Group
Industrial Design - sketches, renderings, specifying the details, 3D CAD file-delivery, construction supervision, graphics. Mechanical engineering partner H&H: Technical development, housing, prototypes, tooling, manufacturing.

This component’s assembly - delivered as 3D-file - was the starting point. After analyzing the potential for improvement compared to the current product, we delivered a range of different design concepts. The favourite one was equipped with a sloped operating panel and a new wheel positioned around the gauge allowing the finger to directly move the wheel to the value on the gauge’s dial. In cooperation with our mechanical engineering partner H&H we delivered technical realization, mechanical engineering and prototyping. H&H even delivered tooling, series production and final assembly.

Venta SP 16 Baugruppe vor Designentwicklung


The rendering from design detailling represents the development status shortly before transferring the data to our mechanical engineering partner.

Venta SP 16 industrial design
VENTA SP 16 Industriedesigner d+e für Maquet Getinge Group

The final product.

VENTA SP 16  Industriedesigner d+e für Maquet Getinge Group
VENTA SP 16  Industriedesigner d+e für Maquet Getinge Group

Integrated handle. For transportation purposes it folds out.

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